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All Information about private hospital around the world, Private Hospital in Middle East, Private Hospital in Asia, Private Hospital in Europe, Private Hospital in Africa and Private Hospital in America. Telephone number, Facsimiles, Website and Email address.

Private Hospital in Kuwait

  • Al Rashid Hospital

  • Amman Street, P.O. Box 8999, Salmiya
    Telp: 5624000
    Fax.: 5652233

  • Al Salam Hospital

  • Al Shariff Al Radi Street, Bneid Al Gar, P.O. Box 11023, Dasma
    Telp: (965) 2232222
    Fax.: (965) 2540167

  • New Mowasat Hospital

  • Block 2, Yousif Bin Homoud Street, P.O. Box 6661, Salmiya, Dasma
    Telp: (965) 5726666
    Fax.: (965) 5738055
    Website : http://www.newmowasat.com
    Email : info@newmowasat.com

  • Dar Al Shifa Hospital

  • Hawally – Beirut Street, Opposite Fire Station. P.O. Box 3390, Safat
    Telp: (965) 802555
    Fax.: (965) 2626609
    Website : http://www.daralshifa.com
    Email : hrjobs@daralshifa.com

  • British Medical Centre (BMC)

  • Salman Al Dabous Bldg, Ahmadi Expressway, Mangaf
    Telp : (965) 3713100
    Fax. : (965) 3713900
    Website : http://www.bmconline.net
    Email : info@bmconline.net

  • Shaab Medical Centre

  • Kuwait - Al Shaab Al Bahri Area 8, Al Esteqlal Street, P.O. Box 525 Safat
    Telp: (965) 2629093 - 886060
    Fax.: (965) 2620420
    Website : http://www.shaabmc.com
    Email : shaabinfo@shaabmc.com

  • Alorf Medical Centre

  • Gahara, Part 91
    Telp : (965) 4555050
    Fax. : (965) 4567794
    Website : http://www.alorfmedicalcenter.com

  • Hadi Clinic / Hospital

  • P.O. Box 44630, Hawalli Kuwait 32061.
    Telp : (965) 531-2555 or (965) 828282
    Fax. : (965) 531 - 4717
    Website : http://hadiclinic.com

  • International Clinic

  • P.O. Box 6649, behind Leila Gallery, Salmiya
    Telp : (965) 5745111 or (965) 886677
    Fax. : (965) 5754056
    Website : http://www.international-clinic.com
    Email : info@international-clinic.com

  • Ahmadi Hospital

  • Al Ahmadi, Kuwait Oil Company, P. O. Box 9758 Ahmadi 61008 Kuwait
    Telp : (965) 398-2508
    Fax. : (965) 398-4184

  • Yiaco Apollo Medical Centre

  • Salmiya, P.O. Box 24098, Safat
    Telp : (965) 5648040
    Fax. : (965) 5646070

  • London Hospital Kuwait

  • Street 101, Fintas
    T: (965) 883883
    F: (965) 3905538
    Website : http://www.londonhospital.org
    Email : info@londonhospital.org

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