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All Information about private hospital around the world, Private Hospital in Middle East, Private Hospital in Asia, Private Hospital in Europe, Private Hospital in Africa and Private Hospital in America. Telephone number, Facsimiles, Website and Email address.

Private Hospital in Dubai

  • Al Dowali International Medical Centre

  • P.O. Box: 914 Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach road, Dubai - UAE
    Telp : +971 4-344-1142
    Fax. : +971 4-344-1280

  • Al Dowali International Private Hospital

  • Deira P.O. Box 914, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-2212484
    Fax. : +971 4-2278894

  • NMC Hospital

  • New Al Safiya Building, Dubai
    Telp :+971 4-2689800
    Fax. : +971 4-2682353
    E-mail : nmc@eim.ae
    Website : http://www.nmc.ae

  • NMC Specialty Hospital

  • Amman Street, Dubai - United Arab Eirates
    Telp : +971 4-2679999
    Fax. : +971 4-2678889
    E-mail : nmc@eim.ae
    Website : http://www.nmc.ae

  • Belhoul Apollo Hospital

  • P.O. Box 5527, Dubai
    Telp : +971 4-2733333
    Fax. : +971 4-2733332
    Website : http://www.apollohospitalsgroup.com

  • Belhoul European Hospital

  • Dune Centre, Al Dhiyafah Road, Jumeirah, Dubai - UAE
    Telp : +971 4-3454000
    Fax. : +971 4-3457052

  • Canadian Specialist Hospital

  • Off Oud Metha Road, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3364444
    Fax. : +971 4-3377776
    E-mail : info@csh.ae
    Website : http://www.cshdubai.com

  • Zulekha Hospital LLC

  • P.O. Box 48577, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-2678866
    Fax. : +971 4-2678855
    E-mail : info@zulekhahospitals.com and hrdxb@zulekhahospitals.com
    Website : http://www.zulekhahospitals.com

  • Zulekha Medical Centre

  • Hamad bin Soqat Building, Al Qusais Roundabout, Dubai
    Telp : +971 4-2613004
    Fax. : +971 4-2611372
    E-mail : info@zulekhahospitals.com and hrdxb@zulekhahospitals.com
    Website : http://www.zulekhahospitals.com

  • ?Welcare Hospital LLC

  • Al Garhoad Artea, P.O. Box 31500, Dubai - UAE
    Telp : +971 4-2827788
    Fax. : +971 4-2828226
    Website : http://www.welcarehospital.com

  • Iranian Hospital

  • Al Wasl Road, P.O. Box 2330, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3440250
    Fax. : +971 4-3440322

  • Al Zahra Private Medical Centre

  • P.O. Box 23614, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3315000
    Fax. : +971 4-3314369
    Website : http://www.alzahra.com

  • American Hospital Dubai

  • P.O. Box 5566, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3367777
    Fax. : +971 4-3365176
    E-mail : hr_nurses@ahdubai.com and pr@ahdubai.com
    Website : http://www.ahdubai.com

  • Emirates Hospital

  • Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite Jumeirah Beach Park), P.O. Box 73663, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3496666
    Fax. : +971 4-3496664
    E-mail : info@emirateshospital.ae
    Website : http://www.emirateshospital.ae

  • International Private Hospital

  • P.O. Box 914, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-2212484
    Fax. : +971 4-2278894
    E-mail : al1dow@emirates.net.ae
    Website : http://www.inthospital.com

  • Holistic Healing Medical Centre

  • Villa 783, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim, P.O.BOX 53420, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3487172
    Fax. : +971 4-3487173
    E-mail : doctor@healthholistic.com
    Website : http://www.healthholistic.com

  • Indian Specialist Medical Centre

  • Rafa Road, P.O. Box 26328, Dubai -UAE
    Telp : +971 4-3931811
    Fax. : +971 4-3934336

  • The Manchester Clinic

  • Jumeirah Beach Road, P.O. Box 53530, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Telp : +971 4-3440300
    Fax. : +971 4-3448400
    Website : http://www.manchester-clinic.com

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